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About Us


  1.  About This Website
  2. About Youko American Inc.
  3. Product Quality Assurance
  4. Registered with the FDA and USDA
  5. English Label and CPC
  6. Our Business Logistics
  7. Individual Parcel Shipments
  8. Wholesale and Franchising
  9. Return Policy

0. Explanation of Pronouns Used in This Page

  • Youko: Refers specifically to our company, Youko America Inc.
  • Omi, Omi Market: Refers specifically to Omi Japan Market.
  • CBP: U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • FDA: U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • USDA: U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • CPSC: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • CPC: Stands for Children's Product Certificate.
  • Major Customer: Refers specifically to customers who have established long-term cooperative relationships with Youko America Inc.

1. About This Website

Omi Japan Market is a business registered in Sugar Land, Texas, under the name "Omi Japan Market" with the business license number BLDC-2022-00326. The business operates at 18714 University Blvd, Sugar Land, Texas 77479. is the online store of Omi Japan Market, directly operated by Omi Japan Market itself. All products sold by Omi Japan Market and its online store are directly imported from Japan.

When purchasing products on this website, registration is not mandatory, and providing a phone number is not required. Omi Japan Market does not collect or use cookies and payment information. The management of cookies information and payment details is handled by a supervised third-party platform.

Please be cautious of fake websites or customer service representatives impersonating Omi Japan Market, who may ask for your personal or payment information individually.

2. About Youko American Inc.

Youko America Inc. was established in 2022 and is a company based in Texas, specializing in the import and wholesale of goods.

As of 2024, Youko America Inc. serves as the regional agent for SmartAngel, a self-operated maternal and child brand of NISHIMATSUYA CHAIN Co., Ltd. (TYO 7545), in the U.S. and China.

Youko acts as the regional agent for Ricefriend Co., Ltd., a Japanese rice brand, in the state of Texas.

And also distributes a wide range of products including various snacks, cookies, instant rice, instant curry, instant noodles, cup noodles, sodas, juice drinks, tea beverages, gummy candies, hard candies, chocolates, noodles, Japanese rice, cooking ingredients, condiments, sauces, kitchen utensils, Japanese beauty products, personal care items, personal cleaning products, bathroom cleaning supplies, baby products, baby care items, nursing supplies, hygiene products, plush toys, plush pillows, exquisite small goods, and Japanese-style cute stationery, among others.

3. Product Quality Assurance

Although numerous e-commerce platforms are actively combating counterfeit goods through various means, suppliers of counterfeit products continue to emerge. Youko firmly refuses to sell any goods of unknown origin.

Unlike most other sellers, Youko purchases overseas product liability (PL) insurance for all goods sales.

Unless otherwise stated, all products are ordered by Youko's parent company in Japan from the manufacturers and directly exported to Youko America Inc. This ensures that the goods sold by Youko are more secure and reliable.

4. Registered with the FDA and USDA

All food, drugs, and cosmetics imported into the United States must be declared to the FDA. Youko America Inc and its parent company in Japan have completed the FDA's self-learning courses, both registered food facilities, and Youko has registered as a U.S. agent with the FDA.

All plant-based and meat products imported into the United States must undergo inspection by the USDA. Youko America Inc has passed the USDA's identity verification and importing such as Japanese rice, coffee beans, flour, etc.

5. English Label and CPC

Youko America Inc is an agent and importer of goods.

English informations, ingredient lists, nutrition facts, and precautions can be found on the corresponding product pages of our online store.

If the product you purchased is missing an English label, please refer to the product page as a substitute or inform us promptly.

In accordance with CPSC requirements, children's products entering the U.S. market must have a completed Children's Product Certificate (CPC) to ensure that the product's coating heavy metal content, melting points, and age appropriateness meet safety standards.

All children's products represented by Youko have completed the CPC and have been submitted to CBP at the time of import.

However, to protect our brand, we cannot publicly disclose the full content of the CPC. If you need to review the CPC for a product, please contact us directly.

6. Our Business Logistics

Youko America Inc has established long-term cooperative relationships with many shipping companies, non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs), logistics companies, and warehousing firms. Youko selects the best logistics routes to ensure efficient delivery and to save costs for our customers.

Direct Booking Shipping Companies

  • Maersk
  • ONE (Ocean Network Express)

Contracted Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs)

  • Nippon Express
  • SGH Global (Sagawa Global)
  • UPS
  • FedEx Freight

Air Transport

  • UPS
  • ANA-SGH (Sagawa Global)

7. Individual Parcel Shipments

 Youko dispatches goods to individual customers in the USA and Canada via USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Youko's parent company in Japan sends packages to individual customers in regions outside North America via Yamato and Japan Post.

To save resources and reduce costs, Youko does not customize individual packaging boxes and ships products in their original factory shipping packaging.

Commercial customers can decide whether to opt for Youko's own delivery service or commercial delivery, depending on the location where the goods are to be received.

8. Wholesale and Franchising

Youko welcomes wholesale inquiries from business customers.

As mentioned, Youko represents many Japanese brands, and you can request the manufacturers' product manuals at any time. Major customers are invited to inquire about wholesale prices or request samples of products they are interested in.

If samples need to be shipped, shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.

Omi Japan Market accepts franchise requests. If you are interested in franchising, you can consult us via the Contact Us Page.

9. Return Policy

  • Permanent Return Policy: Youko offers an unconditional return policy for products with fundamental issues such as spoilage, defective product, failure to meet lifespan expectations, pre-purchase damage, or if the product has been recalled.
  • Conditional Return Policy: Youko permits no-reason returns provided that the products are unopened, resalable, and the customer bears the cost of returning the product. However, for investigative purposes, Youko may still inquire about the reason for the return.
  • Non-Returnable Situations: As Youko provides product samples to business customers, and Omi offers product tastings and trials in supermarkets, returns are not accepted if the product has been used or consumed. Reasons such as no longer liking, not suiting personal taste, not meeting expectations, or finding a cheaper seller are not acceptable grounds for return.

Once the refund has been processed, the system will automatically send an email notification.

Refunds will typically be returned via the original payment method, and the timing for the funds to be credited depends on your financial institution's process speed.


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