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The Expiration Date of Cosmetics

The Expiration Date of Cosmetics

Cosmetics actually have two validity terms that we must pay attention to. The one related to the manufacture date and the one valid from the moment the product is unsealed. We can find the information on the packaging box within an open box symbol, unfortunately the manufactured date is not always written down.

If you have an unopened (sealed) skin care product with an expired date on it and you wonder if you can still use it, the answer is that it depends on the product itself. Usually these products are additionally 1 to 3 years valid. This also depends from a suitable condition how the product was kept and deposited.


The main skin care products expiration date

Face cream and moisturizer – 1-3 years

Facial Sheet Mask – 3 years

Eye cream – 1 year

Cleansers: 2 years

Serums: 9 months to 1 year

Body lotion – between 6 months and 1 year

Soap or liquid soap-1-2 years

Shampoo – up to 3 years

Shower gel-6 months

Suncream – 1 year


However, the sunblocker will not do ”his job” anymore after the official expiration date.It won’t protect you as well once it’s expired, producing various health problems, from premature aging to more serious cancers.

So in fact, from the moment of opening the product it can be valid and safe to use only for a certain period of 3 or 6 months.


How to figure out the manufacture date and expiration date of SK-II

1. In the bottom of the bottle to check the manufacture date  code, generally consists of 10 numbers, you can calculate the production date according to the code.

2. We now come to talk in detail about what these 10 digital codes of SK-II mean respectively.

Suppose now there is a bottle of SK-II at the bottom of the number is 9253211801.

The first of these numbers represents the year, 9 is also 2019.

The second three and four represents the number of days of manufacture, here is "253", which means 253 days of this year, or the 253rd day of manufacture in 2019.

According to the number of days converted into months and dates, which means that the manufacture date of this bottle of SK-II is produced on September 9, 2019.

There is also the unopened expiration date of SK-II is generally 3 years, so the expiration date of the above bottle of  SK-II is September 9, 2022, if opened, it is recommended to use up within six months.

The fifth to the eighth represents the manufacturer of production, the vast majority of SK-II products are produced by the manufacturer is 2118.

The last two is the meaning of the production batch, 01 is the representative of the first batch.


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